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Actions Against Dengue

The global prevalence of dengue fever (DF) has grown dramatically in recent decades. Frequent heavy monsoon rains in Punjab, have provided ideal conditions for dengue-carrying mosquitoes to breed in stagnant/still waters. Environment Protection Department has been entrusted with responsibilities to make its contribution in the Anti-Dengue Campaign launched by the Government of Punjab.
EPD Combating Dengue Activities in 2013:
EPD organized a walk for awareness in public regarding the Dengue epidemic.
EPD Combating Dengue Activities in 2012:
31st January, 2012:
EPD organized a Seminar on “Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever” at Auditorium of PILAC, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore. 
7th March, 2012:
EPD organized a seminar on “Industrial Pollution and Dengue Prevention” at Auditorium of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bahawalpur. 
6th March, 2012 to 9th April, 2012:
EPD team visited 352 dengue mosquito breeding sites including tyre shops/godowns, junkyards, under construction sites and nurseries. During these visits, openly placed tyres and scrap were shifted to covered area. While visiting various nurseries, directions were issued to place the flower pots in down ward position to shun the accumulation of water.
EPD Combating Dengue Activities in 2011:
September to November:
EPD and other members of the Dengue Source Eradication Committee visited 259 sites.  During these visits:
  • 103 Legal Notices were issued 
  • 53 sites were sealed 
  • Old tyres were removed and shifted from 52 sites 
  • Thermal fogging and Indoor Residual Spray were made at 147 sites 
  • Water sampling for Dengue analysis was carried out from 28 sites 
From 18th September to 3rd October, 10 special teams were constituted in Lahore City which:
  • Inspected 1,469 dengue breeding sites 
  • Removed 888 minor breeding sites 
  • Issued 174 notices under PLGO to the violators 
  • Issued 72 notices under PEPA to the violators 
From 13th September to 29th September, a Dengue Diagnostic Centre was established at EPD Head Office, Lahore where CBC test of 4,327 blood samples were carried out.  
EPD extended full support and facilitation to the Sri Lankan and Indonesian Teams during their visits for carrying out necessary field inspections and research on Dengue breeding sites
Field visits were undertaken to monitor Dengue control activities in Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad. Comprehensive SOP’s were drafted for the storage of tyres and submitted to the quarters concerned for their approval. 
EPD commenced its operations in 35 other districts and conducted following activities for eradication of potential breeding sites of Dengue Mosquito:  
  • Inspection of 5451 tyre stores, godowns and shops 
  • Fumigation of 2054 sites 
  • Distribution of brochures, pamphlets among general public
To engender awareness amongst masses regarding Dengue Fever, EPD conducted: 
  • 37 seminars 
  • 2 Workshops 
  • 5 Press Conferences 
  • 19 walks 
  • 293 lectures  in various educational institutions