Directorate Environmental Health, Dengue Control & Hazardous Waste


The primary function are following:

  • Perform functions under Sections 14 of Punjab Environmental Protection Act, 2012 and rules & regulations made there under
  • Formulate policy and guidelines in collaboration with concerned stakeholders regarding functions of all the sections under the directorate
  • Regulate hazardous waste handling through permits and manifests
  • Evolve systems, procedures, methodologies, techniques and carry out surveys, surveillance, research, inspection and audit to regulate hazardous wastes in the province from their generation to final disposal taking a cradle to grave approach
  • Liaise with Federal Government on issues related to hazardous wastes
  • Maintain and periodically review the provincial list of hazardous wastes
  • Devise and implement strategies for prevention and control of epidemics controllable through environmental management (for example Dengue epidemic) and environmental accidents hazardous to environment
  • Create awareness on handling of hazardous wastes and control of diseases caused controllable through environmental management