Establishment of Environmental Information Center and Upgradation of EPA Library

The major objectives of this project are:
  • Development of a comprehensive system for developing, managing and utilizing environmental information for informed decision making
  • To select and acquire appropriate resource/research information 
  • Information collection and content development in presentable form 
  • To organize the research information for easy access and use 
  • To provide online services and assist people in finding relevant material 
  • To develop inter-sectoral environmental database 
  • To create EPA dedicated Website 
  • To publish EPA Monthly e-bulletin 
  • To upgrade existing EPA Library with latest books, documents, journals, audio and video cassettes, CDs and digital and online resources, e-books, soft versions of pollution dispersion models 
  • To procure IT equipment 
  • Creation of jobs of Computer Professionals and Librarian 
  • To network with other libraries and information/documentation centers 
  • To cater to the needs of the general public, students, academia and the research scholars through development of databases 
  • To serve as  information resource base for the multi-disciplinary research and policy advice to the government, non-government organizations, private sector and the mass media to facilitate the transition to sustainable development in Punjab 

Project Details

The project is dedicated to the cause of analysis of the current state of environmental information management in Punjab including datasets, indicators and indices for sustainability. The project will contribute to promotion of sustainable development and alleviation of poverty in Punjab through enhancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of decision and policy making in the context of sustainable development by providing timely and accurate environmental information. Investments and achievements in environmental activities are difficult to plan and monitor, primarily because unavailability of reliable information and databases. Therefore, it is an urgent requirement to establish a centrally coordinated inter-sectoral information/database to overcome this shortcoming. The framework to make the environmental database fully operational with wide spectrum of users will be prepared under the instant project proposal. The possibility of integration of the database with Geographical Information Systems to facilitate national and provincial planners and decision makers will also be taken into consideration. Non restricted information will be published on EPD  Website.
There is also a mandatory requirement to establish an Environmental Information Center to serve as an information resource base and to upgrade existing EPA Library including networking with other libraries and information/documentation centers besides publication of e-bulletins.
The project when implemented will facilitate informed decision making Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) for different areas of environment. It will be powerful resource in planning different development projects, conducting the EIAs of new development projects and will provide help to different departments including forests, agriculture, communication, climate, town planning and industries etc. Web based EMIS application will be developed to provide useful information for planners and researchers in environmental and other related fields.