Establishment of Environmental Resource Center

This green building is established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide highly conductive working environment and ensures the efficient use of natural resources
  • To build a model building for other government institutions and general public to realize the benefits of green building
  • Training programs for the capacity building of the officers of EPA Head Quarter and field formation
  • Training programs on the management/disposal of industrial waste (solid, liquid, gasses) for the industrialists/management of industrial units
  • Seminars/workshops for promoting Cleaner Production Technologies so as to minimize the generation of industrial effluents
  • Trainings/seminars for the Government Departments like C&W department, I&P department, HUD & PHE department to build their capacity in areas of Environmental Impact Assessment etc
  • Interaction programs with the NGOs for motivating them to work for the improvement of environmental conditions of urban and rural areas
  • Provision of auditorium/seminar room to any other government organization for holding any environmental related event
  • Provision of information/data/policy documents/guidelines notified by the government/rules & regulations/to the interested individuals from general public, government and non-governmental organizations

Project Details

EPA Punjab is mandated to take all possible steps for the conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment, control of air, water and soil pollution and promotion of sustainable development. The establishment of Environmental Resource Center is in line with the obligations of the department. The following provision of Section (6) of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 further supports the instant project:

  • Provide information and guidance to the public on environmental matters
  • Recommend environmental courses, topics, literature and books for incorporation in the curricula and syllabi of educational institution
  • Promote public education and awareness of environmental issues through mass media and other means, including seminars and workshops
  • Assist the local councils, local authorities, government agencies and other persons to implement schemes for the proper disposal of wastes as to ensure compliance with the standards established by it

As a part of its functions prescribed under the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, EPA Punjab is obliged to undertake activities for promotion of environmental friendly technologies and arrange for technology transfer. That is why EPA Punjab has taken the initiative to build a green building in the public sector so that dual benefits could be enjoyed such as:

  • Benefits of a green building which provide highly conductive working environment and ensures the efficient use of natural resources
  • A demonstration building for the other government institutions and general public to see a green building and its benefits

A green building is always environment friendly. Though the initial cost for construction of such buildings may be slightly higher than the conventional buildings but their operational cost is significantly lower.

 The Green Building upon completion displays the following characteristics:

  • It is an Energy efficient building
  • It makes the use of geo-thermal source for air-conditioning (both heating and cooling)
  • It takes the advantage of solar energy for generation of electricity
  • It ensures the efficient use of natural day light
  • It has rain gardens to capture the storm water, recharge the aquifer or store it for subsequent plantation use
  • It usually has waste water treatment system
  • It re-uses the gray-water to minimize consumption of fresh water
  • It consists of controlled ventilation to minimize air-conditioning needs
  • It contains model solid waste management system
  • It has normally white exterior to minimize heat effects
  • It ensures the pesticide free management of lawns