Collaboration with Educational Institutions for Development of Indigenous Technologies

The major objectives of this project are :

  • To educate the younger generation and students of educational institutions to raise them into an environmentally conscious future generations
  • To develop indigenous technologies in the field of environmental protection, rehabilitation and promotion
  • To motivate scholars and students for implementation of innovative research and develop technologies at local level by fulfilling the financial requirements
  • To provide cost effective locally developed technologies, processes and solutions of industrial and municipal pollution
  • To remove burden of extra cost of treatment of effluent and emissions for stakeholders

Project Details

The set forth targets of present government, as highlighted in Punjab Vision 2020, is  provision of clean and pollution free environment to its inhabitants.

Although legal and punitive measures are available under various provisions of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, but various pollution monitoring surveys by governmental and non-governmental organizations concluded that technical measures must be implemented to resolve the issue.

However following constraints have been highlighted by various stakeholders, particularly industrial sector, to control the dilemma:

  • Lack of understanding of the problem
  • Lack of technical skills
  • Lack of financial resources to procure foreign costly solution of environmental problems
  • Non-availability of locally available indigenous technologies to provide cheap/cost effective solution, technologies, and processes to help polluters to control pollution

There is strong need to maintain an atmosphere in our academic institutions for innovative research for development of indigenous technologies to assist stakeholders for environmental protection and pollution control. 

Academic and research institution of Punjab will be provided with financial assistance to work in the relevant areas of environmental pollution control to bring the industrial as well as municipal effluent within NEQS and management of solid wastes in environment friendly manner. The advertisement will be made in the leading newspapers inviting “Research Proposals” from the education institution for research in environmental issues. The proposals will be evaluated by the EPA. EPD, Punjab will sign contract with each individual academic/research institution to streamline the activities for project progress evaluation.