Creation of Legal Cell for Introducing Management and Legal Discipline to Improve Service Delivery

The major objectives this project intends to meet are:

  • Capacity building of legal section and enforcement section in EPA
  • Improving mobility means to attend/assist the Environment Tribunal at Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sialkot and Faisalabad
  • Safe custody transportation of evidence record in trial and appellate courts
  • Legal/enforcement training of EPA officers in MPDD to ideally enhance their professional skills to perform their duties under PEPA, 1997
  • Improving EPA’s capacity to collect and produce safe evidence before the Tribunal in prosecution
  • Expeditious redress of public complaints about pollution
  • Proper scrutiny of inspection/investigation proceedings and legal makeup of hearing notices and Environmental Protection Orders
  • Expeditious prosecution of polluters in environmental courts
  • Maximize complaint’s institution against polluters in Environmental Tribunal
  • Enhance legal support to three technical directorates and all the district offices
  • Expeditious issuance of hearing notices and Environmental Protection Orders under section 16 of PEPA, 1997

Project Details

Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, a special law was promulgated in 1997, to prevent and control pollution. But, even after passing more than 12 years, the objective of the legislation could not be realized, as its enforcement has been a weak sphere.

The major reasons are small volume of legal staff, lack of techno legal skills in field formation and low level of environmental law’s enforcement.

The execution of this project will equip the EPA with proper legal staff, enhance its legal enforcement skills in field officers and provide mobility means. EPA will be able to prepare legally sound cases to bring the polluters before Environmental Courts for successful prosecution. It will also raise the level of enforcement and legal support to technical directorates. Expectedly, the EPA’s officers will act like facilitators, educators and implementers of environmental laws, rules and regulations for prevention and control of pollution successfully.