Right to Information (RTI)

What is RTI?

Under Article 19-A of the Constitution, RTI (Right to information) is a fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan to have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable restriction imposed by law. A citizen in addition to a government department can also have access to information of a private body which is substantially financed by the government. RTI is based upon the principle that citizens being tax payers are owners of public information. RTI boosts transparency, accountability, elimination of corruption and improvement of public service delivery.

How RTI can help you?

The information got through RTI enables citizens to hold public officials accountable for their actions, to comment upon their performance, to conduct survey on the basis of data received through RTI and to indicate gaps and weaknesses of public bodies. 

The government also benefits from RTI by becoming aware of gaps and weaknesses of public bodies. RTI also helps public officials by making it easier for them to carry out their duties more efficiently.

How Environment Department facilitate RTI?

EPA Punjab considers that enlightenment of citizens to hold public officers/officials accountable is legal and ethical right and for this very reason and keeping all the efforts done by RTI Commission to maintain transparency, EPA Punjab has taken following immediate actions to join hands in hands with RIT Commission Punjab

  • EPA Punjab notified two Officers as Chief Information Officer & Public Information Officer                    Contact Details
  • Proactive Disclosure                                                                                                                                          Details

What is the Procedure of Complaints regarding RTI in Environment Department?

EPA Punjab has dedicated one complete Complaint cell under Public Information Officer and it is working since 2019 and dealing with Complaints received through Prime Minister Delivery unit and directly submitted. You are all advised in case of any problem relating to the environment please lodge a complaint on Prime Minister's Delivery unit for immediate relief or Submit the complaint directly to the office of Deputy Director Information and services EPA Punjab Lahore,

Women are also advised to play a part for betterment of Environment by lodging complaints either via Pakistan Citizen portal or by emailing on (ddisepa@punjab.gov.pk)


Public are also advised to visit RTI Punjab Commission website and fill the online application form to directly submit the application to Commission