Strengthening Field Staff for Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

The major objectives of this project are :

  • To enhance the ability of working values of the field staff
  • The staff will be trained with necessary instruments which are required for proper working of the staff. These instruments will be used in measuring the emission values of the polluters
  • There are 36 EPA district offices which are not fully equipped with the required infrastructure. There is dire need to equip the staff for proper functioning and implementation of rules and regulations with measured data
  • To arrange the missing sampling and monitoring equipment for EPA field offices and district offices
  • To provide transport facility for housing the equipment and immediate response
  • To readily collect quantitative and qualitative information on alleged environmental issues/complaints
  • To prepare site inspection reports of the polluters/violators/offenders after securing scientific evidence with equipment for effective implementation of Environmental Law
  • To enhance the canvas the field offices from visual inspection to actual monitoring of pollution level at site

Project Details

Pollution is causing serious threat to our surrounding environment mainly by the following factors:

  • Growing Cities
  • Rapid Economic Development
  • Raising level of energy consumption

The scope of work to be carried out under this project is to handle different environment deteriorating impacts and to suggest proper mitigation measures.