What We Do

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Punjab is an attached department working under administrative control of Environment Protection Department (EPD) and performs the following functions:

  • Implements the provisions of Environment Protection Act and the rules and regulations made there under
  • Issues approvals in wake of environment for different projects 
  • Certifies the environmental laboratories in Punjab 
  • Prepares and establishes the Punjab Environmental Quality Standards (PEQS) with approval of the council and their enforcement
  • Resolves public complaints regarding environmental issues
  • Takes measures to promote research and development of science and technology which may contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainable development
  • Promotes tree plantation for Clean Green Pakistan
  • Promotes environmental awareness through seminars/workshops/trainings
  • Implements international treaties
  • Identifies the needs for, and initiates legislation in various sectors of the environment
  • Ensures field visits for anti-dengue campaign in four designated areas
  • Provides information and guidance to the public on environmental matters
  • Specifies safeguards for the prevention of accidents and disasters which may cause pollution
  • Encourages formation and working of non-government, community and village organizations to prevent and control pollution in order to promote sustainable development
  • Takes all necessary measures for protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, and for prevention and control of pollution