Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution is the presence of materials in the soil which are harmful to the living beings when they cross their threshold concentration levels. 

Main Causes

The following are the main causes of soil Pollution:

  • Municipal solid waste
  • Hospital waste
  • Excessive use of pesticides/fertilizers/herbicides
  • Ponding of industrial effluents
  • Disposal of industrial solid waste on open land


The following are main effects of soil Pollution:

  • Loss in fertility
  • Accumulation of pollutants in edible crops
  • Leaching of harmful contaminants
  • Surface and ground water contamination


The following are main remedies of soil Pollution:

  • Management of municipal solid waste
  • Waste grading and recycling
  • Setting-up land fills and composting sites
  • Incineration for hospital infectious wastes