Environmental Issues


The term pollution means contamination of air, land or water by discharge or emission of effluents or wastes or air pollutants or noise or other matter which either directly or indirectly or in combination with other discharges or substances alters unfavorably the chemical, physical, biological, thermal or radiological or aesthetic properties of the air, land or water or which may, or is likely to make the air, land or water unclean, noxious or impure or injurious, disagreeable or detrimental to the health, safety, welfare or property of persons or harmful to biodiversity.

The types of pollution are listed below:


Waste means any substance or object which has been, is being or is intended to be, discarded or disposed of. It includes liquid waste, solid waste, waste gases, suspended waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, nuclear waste, municipal waste, hospital waste, used polyethylene bags, and residues from the incineration of all types of waste.

Waste has been categorized into two major types here: